Available for Adoption: Cidney


Cidney is a sweet sixteen-year-old girl.  She sings with the church choir and dances on the praise dance team.  Cidney enjoys playing with her dolls and gets along well with her current foster parents.  She loves listening to music, shopping, and eating out.  She enjoys eating pizza and buffets.  Cidney loves attending school.  She strives to do her best.

Cidney would like to be adopted by a one or two parent family.  Although she is currently residing with her sister and brother, she has asked to be adopted apart from them. She would like to continue to have contact with her siblings.   Cidney needs parents who will provide her with structure and support and help her reach her goals.

For more information, call Patricia Hebert, Adoption Recruiter at (337) 366-2001 or Brienne Zagar, Adoption Specialist with the LA Department of Children & Family Services (Lafayette Region) at 1-800-256-8611, (337) 262-5970 or (337)366-4004.