Available for Adoption: Riley


Riley is a fourteen year old boy.  He is talkative and inquisitive and is not afraid to ask questions.  Riley enjoys playing sports, especially basketball.  He absolutely loves listening to music and knows many artists from different genres.  Riley is also an animal lover and hopes to have a pet dog one day soon.  He is an intelligent young many but does need support and guidance in the school setting.

Riley is excited about adoption and stated that he wants to be placed in a home with a father.  He is open to a single or two parent family, and having a pet would be a bonus.  Riley does need parents that will be able to provide him with structure, boundaries, guidance, love, and patience.  Riley would do best in a small family.

For more information call Kemi Latiolais, Adoption Specialist with the LA Department of Children & Family Services (Lafayette Region) at 1-800-256-8611 or (337) 262-5970.