Available for Adoption: Zachary


Zachary is a thirteen year old boy.  He is a very friendly young man and is easily engaged in conversation.  Zachary loves all things outdoors.  His favorite things to do while outside are hunting, fishing, riding his bike, and playing baseball.  Zachary also enjoys playing video games during his free time.  He loves just about any foods but list seafood as his favorite.  Zachary works hard in school, but does need an extra push and support from his parents and school.

Zachary wants to be adopted and is optimistic that he will find his forever family.  He stated that he would like a two parent family but is open to a single parent family as well.  Zachary is a lively child and requires parents who are able to provide him with supervision, structure, consistency, compassion, love, and patience.  Zachary would do well in a small or large family

For more information call Kemi Latiolais, Adoption Specialist with the LA Department of Children & Family Services (Lafayette Region) at 1-800-256-8611 or (337) 262-5970.