FRIENDS Volunteer. Contribute. Donate. Participate. Get Involved!

Meet our BEST Friends. These are the key members of FOSTER FRIENDS who are dedicated to coordinating events and fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Dean Simon

“Founder & Visionary”

Tami Richard

“BFF of Volunteers &
Counter of Coins”

Pam Castille

Donor Recruitment &
“Queen of Christmas”

Roxeann Thomas

“Logistics Bestie”

Tina Jumonville

“Maestro of Music”

Courtney Dugas

“Leader of Opportunities”

TJ Miller

“Master of Ideas”

Min Zou

“Birthday Fairy”

Chaney Hopkins

“Development Coordinator”

Angel Whitaker

“Fulfill-er of Dreams”

Lenee Hicks

“Master of Designs & Creations”

Louise Lambert

“Connections Specialist”