FOSTER FRIENDS has been blessing the foster children in the Acadiana area since 2014.

Where it all started.

In 2014, the employees of Universal ComOne Louisiana decided to create an organized effort (later termed FOSTER FRIENDS) in order to give back to the local community—with an emphasis on blessing children. FOSTER FRIENDS evolved into a community-wide effort where local organizations and individuals can donate and contribute their time to help bless the foster children of Acadiana.

FOSTER FRIENDS partnered with the Louisiana Department of Children Services in order to sponsor children in the Foster Care program.  These children age from birth to 17 years old, and have been separated from their biological family for specific reasons. Some are living in temporary foster homes while others are in group homes or facilities.

How We Spread Joy!


Christmas can be the most difficult time of year for foster children who have lost contact with their biological families. FOSTER FRIENDS hosts a Christmas party for the children every December with the combined efforts and funding from other contributors. Typically, at the party the children get to play games, eat lunch, and Santa delivers their gifts.

A lot of effort and funding is required to throw such an event. From purchasing & wrapping gifts to providing activities for a fun-filled day– our goal is to provide an unexpected blessing for the children during the holiday season.


The Department of Children & Family Services does not have funding to recognize the children on their birthday; however, FOSTER FRIENDS thinks every child deserves to feel special on their birthday. It is our goal to provide a $25 birthday allowance per child, and the social worker will determine what is most appropriate for each child. For example, a 14 year girl can feel like a princess if she got flowers delivered to her school, and likewise, a (4) year old boy would go crazy for a new toy or some delicious cupcakes!


The Department of Children Services hosts recruitment and training events at various churches around Acadiana. These events allow people from the community to learn about foster care and adoption. Single individuals, couples, and families are all welcome to attend. There are usually activities for the children,  and social workers are there to answer any questions.

Getting Involved.

If you are wondering how you can get involved, we encourage you to consider becoming a Foster FRIEND or Sponsor.

  • FRIENDS – Our Friends are volunteers who participate in our FOSTER FRIENDS events and activities throughout the year.
  • SPONSORS – Companies and individuals who donate funds. Whether you can contribute $5 or $5,000, we believe any amount will multiply in blessings for these children.